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3 Ways to Make Your Data Center More Environmentally Friendly

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In 2019, there’s a lot of pressure placed on businesses of all kinds to go green. Not only can doing so reduce your environmental impact, but it can also improve brand perception and cut costs. There are ample reasons to make the shift to sustainability, but does your organization know how to go about doing it? If your company relies on data center servers to provide essential services, you’ll want to consider the following tips to make your practices more eco-friendly.

Use Sustainable Materials and Designs

According to United Nations estimates global e-waste output was primed to reach 50 million metric tons last year. That translates to a lot of data center equipment that could end up polluting the earth every year. If you want to reduce your environmental impact, you should think carefully about the materials you choose for your data center. Using recycled plastics, for example, or emphasizing the importance of repair and recycling programs can make a big difference. If your goal is to go green, the best place to start is the center itself. Therefore, you might also want to consider using modular data centers. These types of data centers are extremely flexible and scalable, meaning they can be easily amended or transported as the needs of your business evolve. They’re also more energy efficient, cost less to make, and can be produced more quickly than other options. And because they’re perfectly suited to support other green initiatives, this will make it easier for you to utilize eco-friendly practices in all areas of your business.



Opt for Renewable Energy

Data centers require a lot of energy. In fact, most data centers need backup generators to ensure they can still run in case of an outage. Traditionally, these backup generators would run on diesel fuel. But given the fact that these generators are constantly running, that means data centers have directly caused significant air pollution. But by switching the energy source for these generators from diesel fuel to a renewable solution — like solar panels or wind turbines, for example — your business can decrease your carbon footprint without sacrificing on efficiency. Apple and Facebook already run their data centers completely on renewable energy, so there’s a precedent that the concept can work well. Even if your data center can’t switch completely to renewable energy all at once, taking small steps to do so can have a big effect on your bottom line and on your overall sustainability.



Embrace Green Cooling Solutions

In years past, data centers expended significant energy due to traditional cooling options. Air cooling used to be the standard option, but it came with a lot of undesirable effects — including excessive sound and significant energy consumption. Noise pollution and air pollution are two major problems, both of which can be solved by the use of immersion cooling. Liquid immersion is considered the top choice for green cooling solutions, as it can save up to 99% of electricity compared to traditional data center cooling. It’s also essentially silent, meaning that there’s no health and safety risk posed to workers, and it’s overall far more consistent than other cooling options available today. If you want to switch to more sustainable practices, green cooling solutions are a must for your data center.


Businesses that rely on data centers for daily operations need to consider their bottom line and their public perception. Going green is one of the most effective ways to ensure positive press and lower costs, all while establishing a philosophy of humanitarianism. To learn more about how our green cooling solutions can support your goals, please contact us today.

A Brief Overview of Liquid Cooling for Data Centers and Crypto Miners

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Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling

When liquid cooling was first introduced in the 1970s, it was a clunky system that had a lot of mess and leaks and cost a fortune to set up. Because of this, air cooling became the primary method of air conditioning for data centers and computers. Air cooling at the time was more convenient than liquid cooling and more cost effective. Additionally, an air conditioning system could easily be retrofitted to also cool IT equipment.

However now the tables have turned, and liquid cooling is on the rise. With a 25% lower implementation cost, liquid cooling is now much more cost effective than air based cooling. Additionally, it is much more effective at keeping IT systems and computer rack servers cool.

Although air cooling is still popular today, it has some unfortunate ramifications. Air cooling has expensive maintenance, a high power consumption, and lots of parts that are prone to failure. Overall, using air cooling for computer rack servers leaves a massive carbon footprint.

Because of recent advances in liquid cooling technologies, liquid cooling now boasts easy maintenance and an affordable cost. Liquid cooling benefits become even more pronounced in high-density facilities with large computer rack servers and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than air cooling.

Benefits of Liquid Cooling

Although it requires slightly more hardware for modular data centers to cool computer rack servers, liquid cooling has many benefits over air cooling. Even Google has opted into green cooling solutions recently. Some of the benefits include:

Improved Heat Absorption Rates: The heat absorption rates of liquids are much greater than air. A couple of gallons of water can absorb as much heat as it would take a significantly greater quantity of air.

Targeted Cooling: Liquid cooling is able to target cooling in specific areas that are nearly impossible to do with air.

Transportation of Heat: Liquid moves heat more effectively than air and can remove heat from all parts of the data center, maintaining the overall health of the system much better.

A Green System: Liquid cooling is much better for the environment. Because liquids are better at conducting and transporting heat away from systems and have higher absorption rates, less energy is required to keep the system running efficiently.

Why Is the Network So Essential When Moving to the Cloud?

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According to Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report, 38% of hiring managers predict that their employees will work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years. That’s just one reason why more small- and medium-sized businesses are moving operations to become cloud-based. And although the network plays a major role in overall cloud storage and data efficiency, not many people truly understand why. Without further ado, here’s a quick guide explaining why your business’s network is essential when it comes to cloud migration.


It should come as no surprise that networks have very different capabilities when it comes to speed and overall efficiency. Recent research from Software Advice shows that 76% of small and medium sized-businesses are interested in purchasing a UC solution like Cisco UC, and depending on the size of your business, you’ll need to make sure you choose a network and provider that can handle your cloud computing needs.


There’s no denying the possibility of business growth, and your network needs to be able to accommodate the increasing number of employees that may start needing to access the cloud. Instead of having to upgrade your network with every small bit of growth, invest in a network that can accommodate big jumps in accessibility and business size — after all, business trends are highly unpredictable.

Innovation and Collaboration

Research from InformationWeek shows that 62% of businesses said that improved employee collaboration is a top business driver for UC. And it makes sense since 37% of employee time is spent in meetings, according to the National Statistics Council. And whether employees are attending meetings physically or remotely, they need to be able to collaborate as clearly and efficiently as possible. The wrong network can come with a slew of connectivity problems, and the lost time can seriously impact day to day productivity. In fact, glitches in any video conferencing application cost time. If a team of 10 people is in a meeting, a six-minute delay is an hour of lost productivity.

In a study by Steven Rogelberg of the University of North Carolina, 71% of senior managers said that their organization’s meetings are unproductive and inefficient, but choosing the right network is the key to optimizing productivity through cloud efficiency. For more information about Cisco UC management and Cisco WebEx meeting solutions, contact us.

Why Your Restaurant Needs The Best Internet Security Today

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The restaurant industry is often the last businesses you’d expect to need great internet security. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Between managing shipments from different food vendors and equipment suppliers, handling money from customers, and managing important employee information and paychecks, restaurants need the best IT security of all.

This is especially important now that more and more restaurants have begun to rely on drop-off services for food. Here’s how to ensure your restaurant’s network stays safe.

Back up necessary information in the cloud

Inventory loss is expected when you’re in the restaurant business, but ensuring you get all your shipments complete and on time is essential to running your business. Perform regular inventory checks and save all your information in the cloud. Should you need to sue or end up getting sued by one of your partners for faulty behavior, you’ll have a log to back you up.

Monitor your POS system

Performing regular security tests on your point of service (POS) system is vital. Through your POS system, you’re in charge of the transactions made at your restaurant, employee clock-in times, and syncing data between the main computer. In the event you experience computer issues or have a broken computer on your hands, your business might come to a complete halt.

Rely on the best computer maintenance company to keep your business running smoothly.

You market your business online

Around one-third of search engine inquiries made by consumers are location-oriented. This means that users are typing in their location when they want to look for a service, like “computer repair service near me,” or “hot wings Charleston.”

Your online marketing will utilize important location-specific keywords to help drive foot traffic to your business. Without a great digital marketing campaign, you won’t increase your business and reach new people. As such, you need IT project management to cover your computer issues and data management. You won’t regret it.

Running a restaurant isn’t easy, but it’s even harder when your computer systems aren’t working properly. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your online experience and ensuring the safety of your company, choose a great IT project management company like Revel. We’re a top cloud provider that can help with any computer issues your business may experience. Call or visit us online today for more information.

Industrial Air Clutches 101

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Air clutches for industrial applications are incredibly efficient and provide a design capable of handling a wide variety of requirements and loads. Combined with air clutch brakes, these systems can be ideal components for the majority of industrial and heavy duty machinery and equipment. These parts function similarly to a power take off clutch, or PTO, by transferring the power from the flywheel to the transmission.

However, there is much more to air clutches and air clutch brakes than that. Here is a quick breakdown of everything you might need or want to know.

Design and function

Air clutches are designed to utilize compressed air to manage the interaction between two separate power shafts. However, pneumatic air clutches and air clutch brakes don’t necessarily have to use compressed air and can utilize other gases as well. The system typically operates in conjunction with pressure springs of some form which aid in engaging and disengaging of the clutch itself. This design operates in a multi-stage fashion, beginning with a sensory input when the shifter mechanism is activated. The compressed air flows through the magnetic valve assembly to the clutch, which then couples the two shafts. More air creates the ability to up-shift into higher gears, while less air allows for down-shifting into lower ones. Usually, the compressed air originates from a compressor tank or is routed through the engine’s exhaust.

Basic industrial air clutches

Due to the variety of designs and technologies used in creating air clutches, there are many different styles of operation and engagement, particularly in an industrial setting. Some designs rely on wrap springs to provide kinetic energy distribution via coiling and uncoiling. This system allows for the transfer of torque between the two shafts, more specifically from the input to the output. Other designs include ball or roller mechanisms that rely on the same principles but function in a different manner.

Because the global market for industrial clutches and brakes is expected to reach $1.7 billion in the next decade, these designs and technologies will continue to advance as more efficient methods are discovered.

If you’re in need of a PTO clutch, water cooled brakes, and more, then check out our line of products today.

Gravity Forms 101: What Are Gravity Forms and How Will They Benefit Me?

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If you use WordPress, you shouldn’t publish another page without learning about Gravity Forms. While WordPress has become the ubiquitous content management system in recent years, most website managers still aren’t taking full advantage of the tools and plugs available with WordPress. And if your business depends on contact or registration forms, then you need to know about one plug-in in particular: Gravity Forms.

So what are Gravity Forms? And more importantly, how can you use them to increase conversion rates and user experience? As the experts on Gravity Forms, we’ve designed a suite of 29 Gravity Forms addons, and we’ve got the answers you need. Keep reading for some Gravity Forms 101.

What do Gravity Forms do?

Gravity Forms are a type of online plug-in designed to benefit users of WordPress. Gravity Forms offer business owners and web designers a simple tool to build online forms. These forms can then be used for online registration and lead generation. Using these custom forms, business owners can keep track of online form fills and contact information.

Even better, this intuitive form builder is easy to use. It also offers notifications, tracks payments and spending, and converts your data into easily digested formats. To make the most of your online forms, you can also use Gravity Forms addons.

What kind of Gravity Forms addons are available?

Today, Internet users expect a seamless online experience, and that’s especially true during the online shopping process. Any hiccup, no matter how small, can lead to form abandonment and plummeting conversion rates. For instance, up to 28% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts if they encounter unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process.

To enhance your user experience and improve conversion rates, you can use a variety of Gravity Forms addons. For instance, you can use value-added features that automatically populate forms across your website, saving users time and frustration. You can also use addons to create multi-step and multi-page forms. For eCommerce companies, popular addons allow you to apply discounts using conditional logic.

How else can Gravity Forms help my business?

This popular WordPress plugin also excels in contact maintenance. Utilizing Gravity Forms enables business owners to store important files and convert them into easy-to-read spreadsheets through applications like Google Sheets and Excel.

As mentioned above, these forms perform a slew of functions that help your business run more smoothly. It offers data conversion, export forms, and enables the user to browse, sort, and even modify the form submissions. The user will also be able to navigate multiple pages with ease via Gravity Forms multi page form navigation.

How much do Gravity Forms cost?

Gravity Forms offers three licenses to choose from designed to fit your budget. There’s a basic license, a pro license, and the final elite license which offers the most bang for your buck if you use WordPress regularly and for multiple sites. Regardless of which Gravity Forms pricing license you choose, you’ll get support provided by Gravity Forms to ensure your site is running the way it should be.

Where can I learn how to use Gravity Forms?

For more information on Gravity Forms, try looking up a tutorial online. You can find lots of walkthroughs on Youtube. For more advanced users, we also offer a variety of Gravity Forms tutorials and how-to guides to help you better understand this crucial WordPress plug-in.

Remember: You’re not getting the most out of WordPress unless you’re using Gravity Forms. And you’re not getting the most out of Gravity Forms unless you’re using Gravity Wiz, a suite of 29 Gravity Forms addons.

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Hotel’s Concierge Service

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Hotels dedicated to providing great customer service will no doubt devote a substantial amount of time and energy to developing their concierge service. The concierge provides valuable information to guests and ensures that their stay is an overwhelmingly pleasant one. In the digital age, it’s essential for the concierge to use hotel technology to their advantage. Here are a few ways the hospitality industry can use technological advancements to improve the quality of their concierge service.

  1. Automate Certain Tasks: Although a concierge’s main duties involve guest satisfaction, there’s often a lot of time-consuming work that goes into making a stay more special. While there may be no way around completing certain tasks, there may be a way to automate them so that the concierge can focus the majority of their energies on the guests themselves. Searching and updating several databases and keeping numerous browser windows open at all times, for example, can be distracting and frustrating for both concierge and guest. Using technological tools to streamline this process and automate or eliminate unnecessary steps will be a true investment in your customer satisfaction and your employee satisfaction.
  2. Improve Guest Trend Knowledge: Your hotel staff members need to have a strong understanding of guest trends. Not only will this allow your concierge to make better recommendations and provide excellent service, but it could even allow your business to grow in the future. Knowing that 53% of people use their mobile phones to find travel information, for instance, could result in the need to focus on your web presence. Understanding where customers like to eat most could lead to you partner with a local restaurant for promotions (or even launch one on-site). Your concierge service can focus even more on returning guests by understanding their habits and anticipating their needs before they even arrive. Investing in high-tech hotel management solutions can allow you to take more complete and consistent notes and provide stellar service every time.
  3. Increase Guest Communication: An essential component of any concierge-guest relationship is courteous communication. By utilizing technology guests like, you can improve communications overall. When you appeal to their communication preferences, you’ll provide convenience and an overall excellent experience. There must never be a technological communication “gap” between concierge and guest; otherwise, the guest may find they have no real need for the concierge services at all. Essentially, you want to make it as easy as possible for guests to communicate with your concierge (and vice versa). Embracing technology in a variety of ways can improve communication and ensure guests actually want assistance with reservations, ask questions, and more.

Hotels can’t afford to be left behind in the dust. That’s why an emphasis on technological advancements is key. To find out more about hot our hotel management systems can help keep your establishment relevant, please contact us today.

The First Printed Circuit Board Was Created by a Refugee in WWII

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small batch pcb assembly

Printed circuit board assembly services are able to handle the most intricate, small, and advanced electronic processes. If you’re an engineer looking for small batch PCB assembly, it’s easy to take these electrical components and systems for granted, but the technology wasn’t always around, and if it weren’t for an Austrian refugee, might not have ever existed.

The modern electronics industry was changed forever when Paul Eisler, a Viennese engineer and inventor, created the printed circuit board.

Eisler, born in 1907, graduated with an engineering degree from Vienna University of Technology in 1930. He started designing a radio-electronic system for a train, which was pretty advanced for the 1930s, especially considering that he was paid in grain instead of currency.

This radio, after Eisler spent a few years tweaking it, was the first working device to use a printed circuit board. At the time, it was standard to interconnect all components in electronic devices with hand-soldered wires, a method of manufacturing which did not lend itself to any high degree of automation.

First applied to proximity fuses for anti-aircraft missiles, PCBs have subsequently found near universal application in electronic goods, yielding highly miniaturized devices, which can be mass produced.

In 1995, more than 50 years after the introduction of Eisler’s invention, the PCB market became a $7.1 billion industry. By the time the New Millennium came around, the PCB industry reached the $10 billion mark and has since tripled over the last 15 years.

Obviously, there have been a few advancements to the technology and small batch PCB assembly since the 1930s, like software programs, automation technology, and fabrication and assembly advancements, but Eisler still revolutionized the modern tech industry, and subsequently the entire world.

Before PCB design software was introduced, PCBs were designed using clear Mylar sheets, which are up to four times larger than the PCB itself. Designers and manufacturers would create a transparent photomask of the proposed design on these transparent Mylar sheets. Although complicated, this method was still much more advanced than Eisler’s radio PCB.

If you want to learn more about the PCB technology or small batch PCB assembly, contact Advanced Assembly today

Internet Marketing 101: Some of the Amazing Benefits That Come With a Great Digital Presence

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technology companiesApproximately 46% of people say that a website’s design is their number one criteria to help determine how credible a company is, but web design isn’t the only important part of a digital presence. Like IT solutions, internet marketing is a vast field, and there are many different aspects that can make a difference for technology companies and businesses everywhere.

If you’re wondering how internet marketing can help you beyond website design services, here are a few amazing benefits you can gain by investing in quality online marketing and SEO services.

With digital marketing, your business can be accessible to customers 24 hours a day. Even when your physical location is closed, your website will be open for business and ready to help customers find what they need. Many customers will make multiple purchases from you if you have a good online presence, as it’s often more convenient than traveling to a physical location.

If you run a local business, odds are you’re only really reaching the people in your community and maybe a few outside of it. The benefit of using the internet to market is that it’s a universal tool used by countless people every single day. When you invest in good internet marketing, your reach can quickly become global if you want it to. With the right digital marketing strategy, anything is possible on the Internet.

Better Customer Relationships
Not only does a good online presence allow ease of access for customers, it allows you to build better relationships with them. Online communication is faster, easier, and more convenient for everyone involved. A simple chat function or e-mail contact on your website can instantly link customers to a representative of your business who can help them find what they need.

Whether you’re running a small business or a large one, online marketing is often the missing link for success. What are you waiting for? You should invest in great online marketing and managed IT services as soon as possible for your business or Tampa technology companies.

Understanding Phishing, Part 2: Understanding Google’s Hack Prevention Methods

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Gmail recovery

With so many G Suite cybersecurity threats from government-based hackers, it’s important not to ignore the alerts that Google sends out.

Post-election, these threats have been increasingly more prevalent among esteemed journalists and educators, and Google apps backup services are more critical than ever. With simple phishing techniques, hackers can access your accounts and leak sensitive information to the public or to potentially dangerous sources.

Fortunately, Gmail recovery and security tools ensure that the account holder is the only one to log into the account. While Google sends alerts to users when it identifies suspicious activity, users also have to be proactive about protecting their data.

Here are some cybersecurity tips for making sure that Google is able to secure your account:

Set up a recovery phone number and email
Not only will this help with your Gmail recovery in case you lose your password, but it will also warn you in case your account is logged into from a new device. While you may be logged into your account from multiple devices — your phone, laptop, or desktop — any new logins are registered suspiciously. If your account is hacked, you’ll be able to take notice, file a report, and see where the activity is coming from.

Check your connected devices
While you’re at it, review which devices already have access to your account. It’s possible that a hacker has already authenticated their device, so you won’t get a notification. Make sure that only your devices come up.

Review which apps and websites have access to your Gmail and Google Drive
Eliminate access from any apps you no longer use. You can view how much access and what they do with your information by expanding the tabs next to each app’s logo, but it’s best to get rid of them altogether when in doubt.

Opt for two-step verification
In Google’s email to affected account holders, the company recommends enabling Google 2-step verification. This means that you will need to verify a code, which is sent to your mobile device, any time you log in on a new device. If someone tries to access your account elsewhere, you’ll get an email or SMS message sent to you that shares the code. The code is only valid for 30 seconds and will expire after that, so you’ll need to log in fast.

Since 6% of all computers experience data loss each year, G Suite is extremely helpful for document recovery and sharing. But with so much potential for phishing and data breaches,you can never be too safe. That’s why so many people are investing in Google drive and Gmail recovery tools.

Google’s recovery system isn’t perfect, and for those who work with sensitive information, cybersecurity is a huge concern.

Spinbackup provides additional third-party services that can help ensure the security of your Google account and data in the cloud.