Google Destinations is the Search Engine’s Latest Experiment, and it Says Something About SEO

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According to Tech Crunch, Google is making it easier to plan trips, from the easy convenience of your search engine. Google Destinations is now in operation. By Googling for travel related searches such as ?California surfing? or Barcelona hiking,? Google will help give you ideas and help you get a plan — and ultimately, a ticket to traveling.

While much of what Google does is simply lead users to the relevant airline websites etc., it does have a few extra tools — such as showing you which travel days have the overall lowest cost. So far, Google Destinations is only appearing on mobile devices.

Google Destinations Has Ramifications Beyond Tourist Industry

While you may not be a business in a tourist hotbed and looking to capitalize on visitors, it?s likely that you, too, could use the help of a local SEO company. Why? SEO is becoming more and more important for local businesses, especially as it relates to mobile devices. Currently, one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. Years ago, the phone book was the first place consumers turned when they needed a service like a plumber or a car dealership. Today, though, they?re going online to look up their local options.

Google is Becoming Increasingly Picky About Which Websites Rise to the Top

Over the next few years, Google is going to continue on its course to provide users with exactly what they?re looking for, as often as possible — Google Destinations is only one example of this. To keep your site relevant in the eyes of both Google and your consumers, you?re going to need a website that?s easy to access, easy to navigate, and has all the information they might need.

As Local SEO services might advise, it?s not enough to pay a website designer once and then let your site sit for the next five years. Google online marketing practices involve regularly updating your site — both with new content and with relevant information. If there?s one thing customer?s don?t like, it?s getting to a restaurant expecting a highly recommended list — only to find that the menu posted online hasn?t been in use for the past six months.

The Point is: You NEED a Local SEO Company to Help You Out

Statistics don?t lie: 75% of search users will never scroll past the first page of results. You don?t want your website to rank poorly and never see the light of day. Instead, you need to work with a local SEO company to make sure your site is generating leads for your businesses and helping to bolster your bottom line. The internet is the phone book of the future — so make sure your company isn’t missing out.

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