Cloud Hosting and You — Why You Should Move Your Operations to the Cloud, Today!


Cloud hosting servers have fast become the unsung heroes of the Internet. Whereas not long ago web designers and webmasters were forced to host their content themselves or with a third party vendor who would charge for the service, recent times have seen the uprisal of new technologies which dwarf the technologies of yesterday in terms of cost efficiency, production capability, and useability.

So, what is cloud based hosting and what are these om/email-marketing/email-marketing-statistics-list-youve-been-waiting-for-2015-edition-01287511″ Title=”Advertising agencies in michigan, Michigan seo company”>cloud hosting servers? In a manner of speaking, the cloud isn’t much more than a collective network of servers and computers which store information for our use. It’s quite simple — instead of you saving everything to your own machines, you can store things “in the cloud,” or on these massive server banks owned by Internet providers and other companies who provide a similar service.

This technology has caught on like fire, too. A study conducted recently found that 87 percent of all companies in the United States were thought to be operating in the cloud. Of those surveyed, it’s estimated that almost all of them (82 percent) reported witnessing some kind of improvement to their businesses after switching to cloud based services. In speaking towards the efficacy of cloud based hosting services, the data is clear. To add another angle to it, consider that almost all of those surveyed (80 percent) claimed that the cited improvements actually came within six months of operating in the cloud. Such a performance metric arguably gives the cloud the distinction of being one of the most useful inventions of the modern age.

It’s very clear to see that the cloud is probably one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time. Having so many businesses report having so much success with the tool after only six months to a year is almost unprecedented. If you haven’t made a move to the cloud yet, what are you waiting for? You almost certainly stand to benefit from it immensely, all inside of a year.

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