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  • 3 Ways to Make Your Data Center More Environmentally Friendly

    In 2019, there’s a lot of pressure placed on businesses of all kinds to go green. Not only can doing so reduce your environmental impact, but it can also improve brand perception and cut costs. There are ample reasons to make the shift to sustainability, but does your organization know how to go about doing it? If […]

  • A Brief Overview of Liquid Cooling for Data Centers and Crypto Miners

    Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling When liquid cooling was first introduced in the 1970s, it was a clunky system that had a lot of mess and leaks and cost a fortune to set up. Because of this, air cooling became the primary method of air conditioning for data centers and computers. Air cooling at the […]

  • Why Is the Network So Essential When Moving to the Cloud?

    According to Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report, 38% of hiring managers predict that their employees will work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years. That’s just one reason why more small- and medium-sized businesses are moving operations to become cloud-based. And although the network plays a major role in overall cloud storage and data efficiency, […]

  • Why Your Restaurant Needs The Best Internet Security Today

    The restaurant industry is often the last businesses you’d expect to need great internet security. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Between managing shipments from different food vendors and equipment suppliers, handling money from customers, and managing important employee information and paychecks, restaurants need the best IT security of all. This is especially […]

  • Industrial Air Clutches 101

    Air clutches for industrial applications are incredibly efficient and provide a design capable of handling a wide variety of requirements and loads. Combined with air clutch brakes, these systems can be ideal components for the majority of industrial and heavy duty machinery and equipment. These parts function similarly to a power take off clutch, or […]

  • Gravity Forms 101: What Are Gravity Forms and How Will They Benefit Me?

    If you use WordPress, you shouldn’t publish another page without learning about Gravity Forms. While WordPress has become the ubiquitous content management system in recent years, most website managers still aren’t taking full advantage of the tools and plugs available with WordPress. And if your business depends on contact or registration forms, then you need […]

  • 3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Hotel’s Concierge Service

    Hotels dedicated to providing great customer service will no doubt devote a substantial amount of time and energy to developing their concierge service. The concierge provides valuable information to guests and ensures that their stay is an overwhelmingly pleasant one. In the digital age, it’s essential for the concierge to use hotel technology to their […]

  • Internet Marketing 101: Some of the Amazing Benefits That Come With a Great Digital Presence

    Approximately 46% of people say that a website’s design is their number one criteria to help determine how credible a company is, but web design isn’t the only important part of a digital presence. Like IT solutions, internet marketing is a vast field, and there are many different aspects that can make a difference for […]

  • Understanding Phishing, Part 2: Understanding Google’s Hack Prevention Methods

    With so many G Suite cybersecurity threats from government-based hackers, it’s important not to ignore the alerts that Google sends out. Post-election, these threats have been increasingly more prevalent among esteemed journalists and educators, and Google apps backup services are more critical than ever. With simple phishing techniques, hackers can access your accounts and leak […]

  • What Would Life Really Be Like Without Processed Food? Horrible…

    While many manufacturing jobs have disappeared overseas, food manufacturing jobs and the food processing equipment industry are high growth segments of the manufacturing world. In fact, thanks to modernization and fast growing populations, the food processing equipment industry is expected to reach $60.8 billion by 2020. And despite the number of food production jobs being […]