Do You Have the Video and Audio Cables You Need to Connect Your Components?

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Usb 3.0 superspeed extension cables

Problem One
Although she relied on her parents, the family van, and a team of orientation team upperclassmen for her freshman year move into the dorm, she had much simpler plans for the sophomore year move-in. With most of the things left in storage just a few miles from campus, on this second trip to Louisiana the nearly 19-year old college student convinced her parents that she could drive down and mover herself in this year. With an overnight stop planned with family friends half way into the 12 hour drive, both the parents and their daughter felt great about the plan.
The drive, the move in, and even getting everything out of storage went as planned. Excited that by 6:00 pm the night she arrived on campus she would be able to relax and enjoy her first successful