Do You Have the Video and Audio Cables You Need to Connect Your Components?

Usb 3.0 superspeed extension cables

Problem One
Although she relied on her parents, the family van, and a team of orientation team upperclassmen for her freshman year move into the dorm, she had much simpler plans for the sophomore year move-in. With most of the things left in storage just a few miles from campus, on this second trip to Louisiana the nearly 19-year old college student convinced her parents that she could drive down and mover herself in this year. With an overnight stop planned with family friends half way into the 12 hour drive, both the parents and their daughter felt great about the plan.
The drive, the move in, and even getting everything out of storage went as planned. Excited that by 6:00 pm the night she arrived on campus she would be able to relax and enjoy her first successful solo move, the college student looked forward to setting up her television and DVD player that included wireless streaming. The process looked simple enough. After the long drive and moving her things herself, she looked forward to a much simpler task.
Unfortunately, the process did not go as smoothly as planned. The television worked and the DVR was functioning, but even after several emails back and forth between Resnet services on campus and her father back home, she still could not get the streaming services to work. And since she was planning to reward herself with a couple of hours of binge watching one of her favorite shows, she was especially frustrated. Texts, photos, and screen shots finally gave her father back home an idea for one more suggestion.
Problem Two
With popcorn, sodas, the comfiest seating in the house, and a top quality home entertainment system, the proud parents were ready to watch their 34-year old daughters professional acting debut. An eight episode made for television series about a group of young female detectives was being offered the way that many new television programs get started today. No longer relying on one of the major networks to pick it up, this show was “dropping” on a streaming service that would feature the 34-year old’s writing, directing, and acting.
Unfortunately, the proud parents sat in their comfy chairs surrounded by silence instead of sound and watching nothing more than a blank screen on the high dollar home entertainment system. Even with their more tech savvy daughter on the phone offering suggestions, the couple could do no more than share the small laptop screen and watch the acting debut from there. It was still exciting, but the quality of the production was not really showcased on such a small screen. The simulated typewriter graphics were less sharp and the layered sounds did not sound very distinct from the small speaker on the laptop.
Two problems. One solution.
Highspeed HDMI Cables Serve a Versatile Purpose for Many Video and Audio Needs
For both the college binge watching plans and the proud parents wanting to see wall size images of their daughter on the screen, a malfunctioning highspeed HDMI cable was the answer to the problem. And while you might expect that a quality highspeed HDMI cable might cost at least $50, the reality is that even a 100 ft HDMI cable can be purchased for much less. The secret, of course is in knowing the importance of these cables and having them on hand for the various tasks they can serve. Whether it is connecting an Apple laptop to a non-Apple large screen for greater comfort at work or connecting a laptop to a large high definition screen, highspeed HDMI cables are the answer.
Because they can be used for so many purposes, the best approach is to purchase these cables in bulk so that you have one when you need it. Available in a variety of lengths, the 75 hdmi cable is an option that is long enough to serve many purposes without being as expensive as much longer cables that are available in lengths far greater than 100 feet. Combined with a power strip surge protector and other lightning cables, these supplies will get most families through the unexpected audio and visual needs that might occur. Needs that occur in college rooms in Louisiana as well as living rooms in the midwest.

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