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Gravity Forms 101: What Are Gravity Forms and How Will They Benefit Me?

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If you use WordPress, you shouldn’t publish another page without learning about Gravity Forms. While WordPress has become the ubiquitous content management system in recent years, most website managers still aren’t taking full advantage of the tools and plugs available with WordPress. And if your business depends on contact or registration forms, then you need to know about one plug-in in particular: Gravity Forms.

So what are Gravity Forms? And more importantly, how can you use them to increase conversion rates and user experience? As the experts on Gravity Forms, we’ve designed a suite of 29 Gravity Forms addons, and we’ve got the answers you need. Keep reading for some Gravity Forms 101.

What do Gravity Forms do?

Gravity Forms are a type of online plug-in designed to benefit users of WordPress. Gravity Forms offer business owners and web designers a simple tool to build online forms. These forms can then be used for online registration and lead generation. Using these custom forms, business owners can keep track of online form fills and contact information.

Even better, this intuitive form builder is easy to use. It also offers notifications, tracks payments and spending, and converts your data into easily digested formats. To make the most of your online forms, you can also use Gravity Forms addons.

What kind of Gravity Forms addons are available?

Today, Internet users expect a seamless online experience, and that’s especially true during the online shopping process. Any hiccup, no matter how small, can lead to form abandonment and plummeting conversion rates. For instance, up to 28% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts if they encounter unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process.

To enhance your user experience and improve conversion rates, you can use a variety of Gravity Forms addons. For instance, you can use value-added features that automatically populate forms across your website, saving users time and frustration. You can also use addons to create multi-step and multi-page forms. For eCommerce companies, popular addons allow you to apply discounts using conditional logic.

How else can Gravity Forms help my business?

This popular WordPress plugin also excels in contact maintenance. Utilizing Gravity Forms enables business owners to store important files and convert them into easy-to-read spreadsheets through applications like Google Sheets and Excel.

As mentioned above, these forms perform a slew of functions that help your business run more smoothly. It offers data conversion, export forms, and enables the user to browse, sort, and even modify the form submissions. The user will also be able to navigate multiple pages with ease via Gravity Forms multi page form navigation.

How much do Gravity Forms cost?

Gravity Forms offers three licenses to choose from designed to fit your budget. There’s a basic license, a pro license, and the final elite license which offers the most bang for your buck if you use WordPress regularly and for multiple sites. Regardless of which Gravity Forms pricing license you choose, you’ll get support provided by Gravity Forms to ensure your site is running the way it should be.

Where can I learn how to use Gravity Forms?

For more information on Gravity Forms, try looking up a tutorial online. You can find lots of walkthroughs on Youtube. For more advanced users, we also offer a variety of Gravity Forms tutorials and how-to guides to help you better understand this crucial WordPress plug-in.

Remember: You’re not getting the most out of WordPress unless you’re using Gravity Forms. And you’re not getting the most out of Gravity Forms unless you’re using Gravity Wiz, a suite of 29 Gravity Forms addons.

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Hotel’s Concierge Service

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Hotels dedicated to providing great customer service will no doubt devote a substantial amount of time and energy to developing their concierge service. The concierge provides valuable information to guests and ensures that their stay is an overwhelmingly pleasant one. In the digital age, it’s essential for the concierge to use hotel technology to their advantage. Here are a few ways the hospitality industry can use technological advancements to improve the quality of their concierge service.

  1. Automate Certain Tasks: Although a concierge’s main duties involve guest satisfaction, there’s often a lot of time-consuming work that goes into making a stay more special. While there may be no way around completing certain tasks, there may be a way to automate them so that the concierge can focus the majority of their energies on the guests themselves. Searching and updating several databases and keeping numerous browser windows open at all times, for example, can be distracting and frustrating for both concierge and guest. Using technological tools to streamline this process and automate or eliminate unnecessary steps will be a true investment in your customer satisfaction and your employee satisfaction.
  2. Improve Guest Trend Knowledge: Your hotel staff members need to have a strong understanding of guest trends. Not only will this allow your concierge to make better recommendations and provide excellent service, but it could even allow your business to grow in the future. Knowing that 53% of people use their mobile phones to find travel information, for instance, could result in the need to focus on your web presence. Understanding where customers like to eat most could lead to you partner with a local restaurant for promotions (or even launch one on-site). Your concierge service can focus even more on returning guests by understanding their habits and anticipating their needs before they even arrive. Investing in high-tech hotel management solutions can allow you to take more complete and consistent notes and provide stellar service every time.
  3. Increase Guest Communication: An essential component of any concierge-guest relationship is courteous communication. By utilizing technology guests like, you can improve communications overall. When you appeal to their communication preferences, you’ll provide convenience and an overall excellent experience. There must never be a technological communication “gap” between concierge and guest; otherwise, the guest may find they have no real need for the concierge services at all. Essentially, you want to make it as easy as possible for guests to communicate with your concierge (and vice versa). Embracing technology in a variety of ways can improve communication and ensure guests actually want assistance with reservations, ask questions, and more.

Hotels can’t afford to be left behind in the dust. That’s why an emphasis on technological advancements is key. To find out more about hot our hotel management systems can help keep your establishment relevant, please contact us today.