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Using Medical CT Scanning for Industrial Purposes

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Micro computed tomography

Most people are familiar with some type of computerized imaging scanning. 3D imaging is used for a variety of medical issues, including imaging of bones, ligaments and even internal organs. Most people have probably had one type of these imaging devices done in the past. However, there are other uses for these types of imaging programs. The use of industrial CT scanning is used in the industrial setting to thoroughly view and document scientific and technological devices. These devices help engineers and scientists with their work and provide a variety of research benefits.

XRAY machines, CT scans and MRI scans are all types of imaging devices that can be used in an industrial setting.

Choosing Between Domestic and Offshore Prototype PCB Assembly

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Prototype pcbs

The international market for prototype PCB assembly is growing at a rapid rate. In 2012, the industry reached $60 billion in sales, which represented a growth of 1.7 percent for that year. Projections for future growth continue to expand. There are three main types of prototype circuit boards: multi-layered, double-sided, and single-sided. Prototype PCB assembly has two other components which may be involved: the hybrid circuit or the integrated circuit. While prototype PCB manufacturing has grown, design options have also become more complex over the years.

Intellectual Property and Prototype PCB Assembly

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Six Qualities in the Best Commercial Printers

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Commercial printing nyc

Whether your are looking for banner printing, offset printing, vehicle wraps, or any other specific print job, finding the best commercial print provider for your project might not be an easy task. Not all commercial printing companies are created equally, and using the wrong one can be more than just a little frustrating. Some commercial printing companies produce poor quality work, which is a negative reflection of your business to your potential customers, not the printer who developed the poor quality work.

If you are a small business owner, you probably don’t have the marketing budget to select commercial printing companies through trial and error, paying for services that you are not satisfied with can really add up