Zebra Printing Technologies For Your Needs

Zebra printers

Zebra Technologies is a global leader and innovator in the field of thermal and RFID printing technology. Thermal printing has many commercial applications. Zebra thermal printers can be found in many applications where a customer receives a receipt or paper print out. The most common applications of thermal printing people encounter are at gas pumps, register reciepts and vouchers printed by slot machines. Zebra printers are also used in the shipping industry for making shipping labels and products.

Zebra barcode printers and Zebra label printers have saved consumers billions of dollars with the application of UPC codes. Where once it was necessary for a shop keeper to individually label units for pricing, now product prices and promotional sale prices can be applied through the programming of a central computer. When a UPC is scanned at the point of sale, the price is drawn up automatically by the system.

Use of Zebra printer systems and product UPC codes assists businesses with inventory control. Computer systems can track when items sold and alert businesses when restocking may be necessary without the need for human involvement.

The Zebra printer company has also made advancements in the field of RFID, magnetic labeling and QR codes. RFIDs use small radio chips to communicate data. RFIDS and QR codes have seen recent growth in their application in the healthcare field. Hospitals using Zebra printer technologies increase accuracy in medication delivery, patient tracking, specimen and sample tracking, care management and inventory level control.


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