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If you are like most small business owners, the person who does the primary marketing for your company is he same person you see in the mirror every morning. Yep, in 88 percent of small businesses, the brand marketing is handled by yours truly.

How much of that brand marketing do you do on the internet? Do you have a company blog or website? Did you know that 24 percent of all business dollars spent on marketing last year were on digital or online marketing?

Successful businesses use online marketing, social media, probably rely on some custom website design and use some form of business consulting to do their brand marketing.

Wait a minute, you say you do not do brand marketing? Sure you do. Your business name is your brand. Your good name in the community is your brand. Your presence at conferences, shows, exhibitions and town business club meetings is your brand.

That good name, that good business you run has an identity, something people recognize and associate with your product and services…with you. And in a successful business, you spend time getting that good name out into your customer base, right?

Well, maybe not. Email marketing is one of best ways to engage customers or potential customers in your business, yet 70 percent of small business owners will not devote more than three or four hours a week using this form of brand marketing.

Gee, when you think about it, brand marketing takes time and money. But a good website can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. So can a good logo something people can quickly identify with our company. You can get help with designing a terrific symbol of your company through a logo designer NJ. That logo is silent brand marketing, helping people think of you wherever they see it, associating your services and good name with it.

A logo, a website, an email campaign for updates and news about your business…these are all things a brand marketing business consultant can help you with. You have done such a good job of making your company a trusted member of the business and wider community, now let our good name and good company have a voice and image for itself.


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