Why Creative, Entertaining, and Engaging Ads Work Better Than Informative Ads

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It takes more than just posting a few ads on your company’s Facebook page to be successful. You can’t just write one or two television and radio ads, either. It takes an entire team to come up with successful ad campaigns to actually do something positive.

Most companies that are advertising a product or service spend way too much effort doing just that: advertising. Any creative agency will tell you that that’s not what it is about. It’s about entertaining, informing, and engaging with the consumer rather than just shoving your product in their face.

Advertising agencies that spend too much time focusing on how to get the consumers to purchase the company’s product or service rarely come up with the ad campaigns that last a lifetime. They are just concerned with monetary results and never do anything to actually improve or strengthen that company’s brand or image.

Ad agencies that focus on creativity, however, might come up with commercials, web copy, blogging, and other ad campaigns that have little or nothing to do with the product, but actually do much better than boring advertising firms.

Why is that?

It’s because people don’t really want to buy what you are selling… they want to buy you. If you are curtain salesman, for instance, and there are 10,000 other curtain salesmen out there… why would anyone want to buy your curtains over someone else’s? Is it because you have the softest curtains? No. It’s because they feel like they trust you and are familiar with your brand.

By working with a creative agency, you’ll be able to inform people that you’re much more than just a curtain salesman. Maybe you can have clever ads that make fun of home owning? As long as it’s original, creative, and engaging, you should surely be able to stand out from the many businesses saying, “Buy our curtains. Our curtains are great. Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.”

Don’t fall into the same trap that so many other companies fall into. Be entertaining with your advertisements and not just informing. Be creative with your campaigns and not boring. Be engaging with your strategy and not clueless. Contact a professional and experienced creative agency today!

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