When to Use Cat5 Cables Opposed to Other Options

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When looking to set up your networks at home, your home theater system, or a multi-phone system, it is important to have all the right cables, and looking at a mess of cables may seem intimidating. However, it is much easier than you realize.

When choosing cables, you want to take into consideration the durability of the cable and how long it is expected to last. Cat5 cables are made from top-quality materials, which allow them to last five to ten years. Most cat5 cables will last even longer.

RJ45 plugs are good for 1000 to 2000 insertions before they start becoming too loose to make a reliable connection. Despite the shorter life of the plugs, the cable itself will last. The type of cable you use will also impact the quality of the connection and the speed of charging.

For example, using a 12 watt USB power adaptor, you can charge the iPhone 6 for roughly an hour. However, using the same cell phone cables, the iPhone6 Plus will take two and a half hours to charge. For many, the speed of charging is essential because they need to be charged throughout the day. Many users that are on their smartphones throughout the day report having issues with a charge lasting all day.

Regardless of what you are using your cat5 cables for, you should only use cables that are in good condition. When a phone charging cable is damaged, crimped, cracked, or frayed it becomes a fire hazard. In 2008 alone, over 53,600 house fires were attributed to electrical failures or malfunctions. In addition to not using damaged cables, you should also always use a surge protector.

Cat5 cables are primarily used for networks and multi-line phone systems. They have a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and can transmit up to 10/1000Mbps. There are also cat5e cables, cat6 cables, and cat6e cables depending on your needs.

When you are looking to buy cat5 cables, you want to watch the warranty. Many companies offer lifetime warranties on their cables. You also want to see if the company offers tech support That way; you can reach out for help if you run into problems setting up your networks.

You don?t need to be a professional to set up your network or phone system. You simply need to have the right cables and the right tools to get you through the project.

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