What the Best Computer Magazines Cover

Computer magazines

If you are a connoisseur of computers, you know what you are looking for in the best computer magazines. The best computer magazines often have updates on the latest industry trends. More excitingly, the best computer magazines have full coverage of computer industry politics and regulations. This makes the best computer magazines exciting reading indeed.

The best computer magazines will always cover industry trends. See what the rumor in Silicon Valley is about the latest Apple product. Hear about how the Chinese have managed to hack into so many different computer networks in the United States. You may even learn about Microsoft, and what technology they are using to fight against their very slow decline into irrelevancy.

Of course, the best computer magazines go far beyond mere technology. Many cover intrigue. Take antitrust regulations. The U.S. Justice Department repeatedly threatens Google with antitrust regulations. The thinking among select Justice Department officials is that Google constitutes a monopoly, for they have over half of the search market. Such antitrust regulation may be talk, and would otherwise take years to prosecute. But there are other issues where technology and government combine. Black hat hackers, drones, GPS and GIS, and other technology are of significant interest to government entities.

The best computer magazines also cover industry intrigue. You can hear about how Dell is going private, and how Michael Dell will benefit from the deal. You can hear how Marisa Mayer is tightening the noose at Yahoo! Perhaps you can even find out what Meg Whitman is really thinking now that she is CEO of HP. Whatever the issue is, the best computer magazines have coverage around Silicon Valley.

If you are serious about computers and the computer industry, open a computer magazine. You can learn a lot about what happens under the sunny skies and abundant palm trees of Silicon Valley. The answers may be more hideous than you care to realize.

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