What Kinds of Things Are Made From the Injection Molding Process?

Plastic injection molding machines

Did you know that the faster plastic is injected into a mold, the more linear and accurate the final product will be? Interestingly enough, plastic injection molding is very popular for productions in the United States because of the low labor costs associated with the process and the fact that injection molded plastics provide a number of high quality products.

There are over 20,000 different types of mold material that can be used in the plastic injection molding process. In addition, there are other kinds of injection molding, including the metal injection molding process, which is similar to plastic injection molding. Importantly, there is minimal scrap loss associated with plastic injection molding, which makes it cost efficient and very environmentally friendly.

The longer melted plastic sits in the barrel of an injection molding machine, the more it degrades causing it to be harder to create molded products. Therefore, it is important for injection molding to be handled quickly, and companies that work in the injection molding process know this.

You might be interested to learn that a lot of products you use on a daily basis are part of either the plastic injection molding process or the metal injection molding process. In short, it represents an advance in technology and helps companies increase their profit margins by providing high quality solutions at a low cost of labor and operation. Read more like this.

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