Three Ways Print Advertising Can Make A Difference For Your Small Business

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If you’re a small business owner, the hardest part of your job can be advertising. This is because advertising is a complex game, in which you must find a target demographic, figure out how to reach them, and make your product or service both clear and memorable. With that being said, advertising is also the most important job of a small business owner. Small businesses don’t have to compete with big businesses to face challenges. Often, the most difficult competition comes from other small businesses. Therefore, the best way you can fight to make your small business recognizable is through advertising effectively, and s much as possible. You shouldn’t rely on one type of advertising, though. As valuable as digital advertising can be, using digital printing services along with digital advertising is much more effective. Digital printing services allow you to take what you already want too advertise online and convert it into print advertising. With 76% of small businesses reporting that the ideal way to advertise is through both print and digital media, it would be silly not to take advantage of both strategies. With that being said, let’s look into some of the many advantages to using digital printing services when advertising your small business.

1. Print And Digital Media Combined Reach A Larger Audience

There is an unfortunate misconception that print media is not longer valuable, and that digital advertising is the only way to go. It’s true that digital advertising reaches the many young people who use the Internet. And indeed, most people of all ages use the Internet on some level today. But while younger people browse and go on the web recreationally, older people spend less time on the web, using it only when necessary. This means that they will be less likely to see your online ads. If you invest in advertising not only online but in print advertising, you will be more likely to reach both audiences. This is especially important if young people are not your target audience. You also should remember that young people are less likely than older people to have a disposable income. If the service or product you offer is practical, you’re also more likely to get business from older people — the type of people who own their own homes. Why not reach both audiences if you can?

2. Print Offers A Variety Of Advertising Options

Although digital media offers the entirety of the Internet, it is limited in how it can advertise your business. Digital printing services can offer a tremendous variety of print products to advertise with. For example, you may want to use a banner with which you can advertise a special event. This is particularly useful for small businesses with brick and mortar storefronts. Another popular possibility is the classic promotional calendar. A product like this is not only memorable, but useful, with the average recipient keeping a promotional calendar and using it for all 12 months of the year. With that being said, you can use digital printing services to provide you with many other promotional gifts to hand out. It’s believed that 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive a promotional gift with the company’s logo on it. These are just a few of the products that a printing company can provide your small business with.

3. Print Advertising Is Memorable

While people are now inundated with dozens of online ads a day, print advertising is not quite as common. Therefore, for many audiences — especially older audiences — a print ad is more out of the ordinary. It’s memorable, and a memorable ad is a good ad. There is also a certain amount of respect garnered by print ads. People associate print ads with hard work and determination. That is the kind of business person they want to patronize — that’s the kind of business person you want to be.

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