The Kitchen, the Bathroom and Cell Phone Repair

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Even if their iPhone is noticeably cracked, greater than 10 percent of owners keep on using their phones. It comes with the territory of living in such a connected world where we prioritize cell phone repair. We break our devices and need an iPad repair, but at the same time we cannot live without them. It is the cycle of our technology.

Sadly our devices are not even safe at home. You might say that is where we really need cell phone repair. Twenty one percent of accidents involving an iPhone happen in the kitchen. We have gone from the days of happily congregating and hanging out in the kitchen to a time where we have created a need for iphone repair just because so many accidents happen there.

It gets worse though. Now we cannot go to the bathroom without putting our iPhone or iPad at risk of needing repair. Did you know that over 15 percent of iPhone accidents happen in the bathroom? We love our connectivity in every room of the house, but sometimes we are risking a phone accident.

Admittedly, cracks and spills happen to us all, but within one year of purchasing an iPhone 4 there are greater than 15 percent of all owners requiring cell phone repair. Technology comes with a price as more and more people are looking for iPhone parts, different phone batteries and all of the pieces that have become so critical to our daily internet connected life.

However much we enjoy our internet enabled lifestyle, it means more and more users are in desperate need of iPad repair, iPhone parts and phone batteries as we continuously integrate technology into our day to day lives at home, work and school.

The fact is that the more we use our high tech devices, the more we are needing cell phone repair and replacement of our iPhone parts. It used to be that our only repair need was a new phone battery, but technology has given us more sophisticated phones and devices that require more sophisticated cell phone repair.

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