Six Tips for Your Next Phone System Installation

Phone system installation

Are you interested in phone system installations? When it’s time to update the old switchboard with a new phone system installation, you might feel overwhelmed by the options out their. Before kicking off your phone system installation, make sure to check out our list of tips.

  1. Go with VoIP technology.

    VoIP business services have become the best option for enterprises, no matter what business you’re in or how big your telephone systems are. VoIP stands for “Voice over IP” which basically means that the phone system is host on the internet. Using business VoIP systems gives your business the flexibility of routing your number wherever you are, regardless of how far that is from your physical office. It’s also a lot less expensive that traditional phone systems. It also uses less hardware, so startup costs for your new phone system installation are far lower.
  2. Consider merging several phones to one line.
    You probably feel concerned by the costs of a new phone system, especially if you have a dozen or two extensions that you need to pay for. When you merge two or three phones per line, it cuts your ongoing phone operations costs by half to two-thirds. Unless your business is significantly phone-centric, using one line for several extensions likely gives your employees the communications access they need, while saving your quite a bit of mula.
  3. Look for good deals.

    If you’re a small business, you probably don’t have the capital to pay huge up-front costs for equipment for your new phone system (or if you do, it can definitely be put to better use elsewhere). Since your phone system comes with ongoing monthly payments for service, many phone companies will be eager to secure your business. This gives you leverage to ask for good deals for the phones and equipment up front. If you do your homework and push back a little on the equipment pricing, you can usually get a deal of some kind.

    Additionally, most phone carriers will work with you on financing if you can’t afford the up front costs. Don’t let the cost for infrastructure keep you from a phone system that you need.

  4. Be alert for hidden fees before you get locked into a contract.
    You phone system installation is likely going to involve additional costs for wiring and setup. However, those costs can vary quite a bit. One phone system installation technician will charge your $100 and another technician will charge you $1,000 for the same service. Before signing the dotted line on a new system, make sure you know how much your system is going to cost you to get going, and what the ongoing costs are. Shop around until your find a price that seems reasonable. Your new phone system will cost you something, but doesn’t need to cost you too much.
  5. Embrace new technology.
    We all know that it’s not advisable to be on the “bleeding edge” of technology, but when it comes to phone systems, the newer equipment and systems really could save you a bundle of cash and offer the same reliability as the old systems.

    For example, a traditional phone system likely costs about $100 per line to set up the wiring in your office. When you move, or even just rearrange offices, you have to bring the tech back out and pay the same costs all over again. Meanwhile, the newer VoIP systems (you knew we were going there) only cost around $35 to setup. When you move, you just go through the simple process of unplugging it from your computer, and plugging it back in in your new location. That costs you zero dollars and involves zero service calls to a phone system installer.

  6. Say goodbye to long distance costs.

    Long distance is a thing of the past. No matter what phone system you use, or what carrier you use, make sure that you can make all the long distance calls that you want, for free. The truth is, the carrier does not pay a penny more for you to call your neighbor as they do for you to call someone four states away. If they charge you more for long distance calls, they’re actually just marking it up because you don’t know any better, and robbing you.

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