Never Purchase a Computer for Full Price Ever Again

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In the 1980s, if you wanted a personal computer, you had to be prepared to lay out upwards of $1,000. Since then, technology has improved so quickly, and become so inexpensive, that you can own a computer for less than $200. Still, many of the top performing brands are almost as expensive as the first computers were. If you want a quality computer, but you want to pay discount prices, then you will need to be a smart shopper, look for deals, and find computer coupons online.

  1. Best netbook computers.
  2. Netbook computers are perfect for anyone looking to travel light, and still have quick access to the internet. Students and travelling business people in particular would enjoy the ease of connecting on the go. The Lenovo Thinkpad and Asus Vivo Book are ranked in the top two, according to some techie websites, while others are highly impressed with the Samsung Chromebook. ranks the The HP pavilion dm1z very highly, and considers it to be the standard among netbooks. Netbooks tend to be affordable to begin with, but if you can find computer coupon codes online that look like a short series of numbers and letters, you may be able to make them even more affordable.

  3. Best computers for kids.
  4. Did you know that there are some computers specifically designed for kids? The Peewee PC is one of them, and it is designed to be extra sturdy, have a spill-resistant keyboard, and touch-mode for tablet functionality. chose the HP Touchsmart 600-1055 desktop PC for their preferred family friendly choice. Finding computer coupons online could either bring down the cost of these options, or help you narrow down your choices to PCs that do have computer coupon codes.

  5. Best business computers.
  6. PC magazine chose Dell, Lenovo, and HP computers among their top 10 picks for business computers, all costing between $800 and several thousand dollars. Depending on your line of work, you may want to find either the best computers for video editing or the best computers for graphic design.

When looking for a new computer, you can either choose one that fits your needs, and then hope to find computer coupons online for them, or do the process backwards to get the best deal. Once you find computer coupons you can then make your choice of computers from what is available.

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