Keeping Sensitive Business Information Secure with Improved Mobile Security

Patch management

Over 30 percent of mobile service subscribers in the United States are businesses or individuals who use their mobile device for business purposes. The increasing number of business mobile users has developed a demand for improved mobile security of iPhone devices. Businesses and corporations need to monitor, track and secure business related data that is stored on these devices.

Tracking and monitoring business related data and information can be tough as over 50 percent of all companies operate on a BYOD, or bring your own device, policy. This policy requires employees to provide and cover the costs of the device and any related mobile charges. Requiring employees to provide their own devices can make it tough for businesses to track and monitor business related data or improve mobile security, as these devices do not belong to the employer.

There are certain types of business software that can help large businesses improve their mobile security. One program is known as mobile device management and it helps businesses track the use of mobile phones that are issued employees. These software programs can be made available to employees through a software as a service program or an on premise device.

Smaller businesses that only have up to 30 iOS devices may be able to use free programs, such as the Configurator from Apple to help improve mobile security. This helps by allowing companies to have some control over iphone management. Larger companies will need to consider using other software programs that can track and monitor hundreds of devices that are issued to employees.

Protecting sensitive information and data is another concern when it comes to mobile security. Encryption and authentication protocols can be used to guarantee that employees are following the mobile security requirements placed by the company or business, especially when a company uses a BOYD policy. These iphone security encryption and authentication protocols can protect and encode any important business data that may be on the mobile devices.

Businesses concerned about mobile security need to think beyond just tracking and monitoring employee smartphones and mobile devices, and consider the use of a patch management system. This system uses patch management software that will make sure all computers on a business network are kept up to date. Keeping all business computers updated will prevent harmful viruses and hackers that can compromise sensitive business data that may be on those computers.

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