It’s as Easy as One, Two, Click With Pay Per Click Advertising

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So you’ve got a booming business and want to advertise your services or goods to a wider market. The obvious answer is to use the Internet. But that might bring forth another question: what’s the best way to use the Internet to your advantage? It seems like everyone is flocking to the World Wide Web these days to promote, advertise, sell, and buy. So how do you stand out from the herd? How do you distinguish yourself from the competition? If you have an online budget, you might want to consider some paid advertising routes. There are many free ways to advertise online, but often paid advertising will advance you in the ranks. One particular way that’s effective is pay per click (PPC) advertising. If you’re wondering, “What is PPC management or PPC advertising?” simply read on!
So How Can I Use the Internet In My Marketing and Advertising Strategy?
Well for one thing, it’s useful to tap into online resources simply because more and more people are flocking to the Internet to find the services or products they need, especially as tablets, smartphones, and other devices make connecting to the Internet easier and easier. Social media is a great way to help advertise your business and the goods or services you offer. Did you know that according to Mashable, adults spend around 10 hours or more every day on social media — either browsing or posting content?
Conquering the search engine is also a great way to advance your business in online advertising. Over 90% of online visits begin with a search engine and a phrase or keyword people are trying to look up. If you have lots of content with relevant keywords, your chances are better of coming up in the search engine rankings. Even if you don’t want online business to overpower your physical location, advertising online can be a great way to lead customers to your brick and mortar store. As many as 70% of customers have visited a physical store
after seeing a search ad on the web.
Additionally, more businesses are starting to take advantage of these online resources. Approximately 85% of retailers who were surveyed mentioned that search marketing (think upping how much paid advertising like PPC they use) and SEO tactics were one of their top ways to acquire new customers.
What is PPC Management and PPC Advertising?
Never ask the question, “What is PPC management?” again! PPC advertising is a type of online advertising that ferries Internet traffic to websites that have relevant content, using advertisements. (Think of those ads on your sidebars featuring your favorite clothing store — that’s pay per click!) The advertisers give the website owner or host of the website money whenever a user clicks on the ad. Usually the ads are featured on related websites, to attract the most amount of customers. (It stands to reason — if you really like crafts, for example, a PPC ad featuring a craft store might be perfect to feature on a “how-to” website.)
PPC management is simply a team that helps manage the PPC campaign. It does require a significant amount of work to make sure your ads are in the right places with the right keywords. Knowing what is PPC management and what falls into a different category can be tricky sometimes, but luckily there are plenty of pay per click experts who can offer you pay per click help!
What Do the Numbers Look Like?
PPC using mobile devices are predicted to account for half of all sales in 2015 and can yield a return of up to 300%! Crazily enough, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reported that search ads were over $9 billion of online advertising revenue in just the first half of 2014. That’s almost 40%! And almost 20% of brand marketers said they were going to put more energy and resources into upping their paid search marketing efforts in the upcoming year.
Try pay per click marketing this year with your business. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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