Is There a Legal Way to Print Money?

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We all know that printing money would be the best and the worst of both worlds: we could have all we want, but so could everyone else ? – which would make money worth less than the paper on which it?s printed. Nevertheless, paper NOT printed as money can be more valuable than the money itself, and printing companies can help develop marketing solutions that keep the revenue rolling.

Of course, today?s technology allows anyone to print anything they wish, just as the Internet allows anyone to broadcast anything they want. Don?t settle for hastily blasting out a bland newsletter that will be immediately forgotten when you can find printing companies that can quickly and competently create a piece of art that commands attention. Can you imagine making your own suits and shirts just because you have some cloth and thread? It?s no different to personally print your marketing materials just because you have a computer and printer.

How does a client find an email on a cell phone with a dying battery or a tablet that may be out of Wi-Fi range? A business card can be reached and read immediately. There?s a reason there are nearly 27.5 million business cards printed every day: they work! Printing companies can help you find the right font, select excellent paper stock, create a great design and ultimately print a perfect card that will allow current and future customers to carry with them a definitive piece of your presentation.

Of course, there are more than mere business cards that printing companies can offer. There is a vast range of promotional materials, large formats and building banners, all of which can help widely disseminate your message. Be it a pen in a pocket, items on a desk or barricade wraps, there are countless opportunities that printing companies can offer to keep your brand in sight, on target and making money for you.

What about printing companies that offer comprehensive direct mail marketing services? There are many of those too. Nearly 75% of Americans say they appreciate receiving direct mail because they can read through the promotional materials whenever they like, wherever they desire.

Five reasons to let printing companies help you make money:

    1) High volume allows for very low per-piece cost;

    2) With paper, quality grades can impart luxury with a single touch;

    3) Fantastic array of materials allows your message to go and be anywhere and everywhere: coffee mugs, flash drives, gift cards, vehicle wraps – – even buildings;

    4) More eyeballs for far less cost than TV advertising, which can be as much as 80% more;

    5) Peace of mind to attend the booming business that printing companies will help bring to your doorstep!

Printing companies offer a full array of solutions, all of which allow you to tend to maintaining your business and attending the avalanche of calls that your professionally printed materials are sure to prompt! Whether it?s something as small as a business card, swift as a vehicle wrap or big as a building, printing companies can provide value-added features borne from years, decades or even a century or more of experience. How much money are you going to throw away before you start saving and making more money by using printing companies?

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