How Can a Custom Website Design Company Improve Your Marketing, and What’s It Cost?

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Did you know, according to WorldWideWebSize, that there are more than 1.37 billion indexed webpages on the worldwide web? With an estimated $1.25 trillion in online sales expected by the end of 2013, as statistics from Internet Retailer show, more business, both large and small, are trying to break into the digital world. Utilizing SEO, through social media, content marketing, and more, is a crucial way to get noticed on the web. Having a website, unarguably, is the most effective way to market on the web.

As CopyBlogger writes, it’s not enough to create a basic website and fill it with basic content. If you want to attract attention from the two billion people regularly using the web, as estimated by Internet World Stats, then you need to have a high quality website that fulfills the needs of both mobile and traditional web surfers. A custom website design company can help you achieve that.

How a Custom Website Design Company Can Improve Your Web Marketing

  • Responsive Web Design
  • In a marketing world that is increasing ruled by mobile consumers, responsive web design is crucial to your success on the worldwide web. As Web Design Ledger writes, mobile customers deserve to surf your website as effectively and conveniently as any other user. Statistics from KissMetrics drive the point home; 73% of mobile users say they have encountered a website that takes too long to load. 44% of those users will completely abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. A reputable custom website design company can build you a site that loads as quickly for mobile users as anyone else using responsive webdesign.

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • As CIO, a design and tech blog, suggests, intuitive navigation is crucial to attracting all web users, regardless of whether they use mobile or traditional platforms. Refusing to follow design standards, employing overly small text and hidden buttons, and filling your page with things that have no purpose is the best way to bog down the navigation and hurt consumer opinion. Professional web designers can build you an easy to navigate page.

  • Focus on Essential Design Elements
  • Web design, according to HongKiat, should follow the 80-20 rule; that means 20% of what’s on a page should give 80% of its value. As any reputable custom website design company knows, fitting a ton of value for readers into as little as possible is the key to a great website, not to mention one which loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

How Much Should Custom Web Design Services Cost?
As Forbes suggests, prices for a custom web design company greatly vary. In fact, they can cost from $3,000 to $100,000 per site. The price depends on what you want out of your site. Setting limits for time and laying out exactly what you want is the best way to keep the budget down while getting a great result.

Employing a custom website design company
, especially for small businesses without an in-house marketing team, is the key to success on the internet. Remember, having a webpage isn’t enough; you must have a great webpage. Find out more here: Web design calgary

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