Everything You Need to Know About Solution Architecture

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Software developers, technical service engineers, and employees in the telecommunications industry might be familiar with the concept of solution architecture, but for many of us, the finer details may be hard to grasp. Below is a brief summary on the basics of solution architecture, and how solutions architects can help your business or within your industry.
What is solution architecture?
Simply put, it’s the development of solutions for established guidelines, processes, and practices. The main goal is for the solutions to these issues to seamlessly fit within a fixed system or its parts.
How is it applied?
Many times, solutions architects work with new software or projects that are slated to be released or implemented in order to translate requirements into practice. This practice takes place during concept, design, and implementation phases.
What are some job duties of a solutions architect?
Solutions architects are responsible for adapting requirements for specific projects and initiatives into the design that will eventually serve as the master plan for a given solution. These individuals will typically rely on prior design patterns or will work with enterprise architects in order to implement solutions. Oftentimes, they have to strike a difficult balance between balancing the company’s expectations and concerns with the architectural demands of a given project.
What are some skills a solutions architect needs to possess?
If you’re a solutions architect, you need to have superior communication skills. These architects will often serve as leaders for the development team and typically are required to provide guidance and encouragement to their team members. Of course, they need to have expansive knowledge from different technical disciplines in order to provide professional advice. Typically, they’ll need several years of IT experience, mainly in areas like software development, infrastructure, engineering, telecommunications, or database administration. They are also eager to learn and keep up with the development of new technologies. They are usually very logical problem-solvers who understand the high risks associated with technological issues.

What kinds of industries utilize solution architecture?
Just about any business related to technology can benefit from a solutions architect. If a company is developing new software — like a program or an application — an entire solutions team will often be utilized in order to identify issues and provide fixes for them that can flawlessly fit into the existing structure.
If you’re in the tech industry, this role is a necessity for the success of your business. Being involved in solutions architecture takes a lot of work and technological savvy because they are so valuable to businesses. If you have the experience and desire to become a solutions architect, you may want to consider contacting a recruiting firm to match you with the best employer for your advanced skill set.

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