Dealing With Each Android In The Enterprise Will Keep Your Network Safe

Android management

There were 136 million Android phones shipped in the third quarter alone of 2012, which is 75 percent of the market share; and if you employ a mobile network for your business, then you need to have measures in place to monitor every Android in the enterprise operating for your business. When dealing with each Android in the enterprise, cloud based management applications make it easier for IT teams to have greater visibility network wide as well as a greater degree of control if your company is using a bring your own device model. Providing a competent Android device management solution will greatly increase the level of security surrounding your business so that you will not feel like your important information is ever in a position where it can be compromised across the network at any time.

Because mobile device management solutions navigated through the cloud offer an approach to the BYOD model that is convenient, secure, and scalable, it will make it easy for you to conveniently monitor every Android in the enterprise even if none were provided by your company. Android management can encompass lots of things including keeping software updated, dealing with removal of data from lost phones, or changing security parameters as needed. As long as you have an Android security model that gives your employees the freedom to do their jobs without compromising your data or the integrity of your company, your network will help to make things more efficient.

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