Contact a geotechnical engineer before you break ground

Phase 1 environmental las vegas

If you are about to start a new construction project, you would do well to contact a geotechnical engineer to review your construction site to make sure that there are not any preexisting pollution or contamination that could violate Phase 1 environmental Las Vegas regulations. Phase 1 environmental nevada geotechnical engineers can help you make sure that the property that you are considering is safe to build on.

Reach out to a geotechnical engineer about getting a Phase 1 ESA Las Vegas property owners are required to get, and set up a time for them to visit your property and have a look. If a Phase 1 esa nevada geotechnical engineers conduct finds that there may be contamination on your property, you might have to go through a Phase 2 survey to confirm their findings, but hopefully not. Although there is the potential of getting bad news from a geotechnical engineer who conducts an Phase 1 ESA on your property, getting that news is better than potentially harming yourself, your employees, and anyone else who is subjected to contamination. That could lead to law suits, injury, or much, much worse.


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