Anonymous Browsing, Protecting a Reputation for Everyone

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Your competitors can find out where you are. If your company does not use anonymous browsing, every website that it visits can track your corporate IP address. Even nine of the top ten of anonymous browsing systems had serious usability flaws, according to Carnegie Mellon. Tracking activities are legal according to the Federal Trade Commission, but 87 percent of respondents to a recent survey said the reason they use antitracking tools is to prevent advertisers from tracking their online activities.

But this does not mean it is impossible for companies to use a web scraping tool to help establish anonymous browsing. Without the right web scraping tool, a company remains vulnerable to spying from competitors and others who are in some way interested in the companys downfall. A static ip address which enables anonymous browsing can go a long way toward resolving this problem. When an ip address is static, it is permanently affixed to a host computer or device which means that it is reassigned each time the device restarts.

ip address privacy and management privacy are important goals for any company that wants to remain competitive. This is because brand protection implements security measures which will keep a companys online reputation secure. A web scraping tool can help businesses maintain this sort of privacy. There are many tools which enable companies to prevent data scraping which Wikipedia defined as a technique which a computer program uses to extract data from the output coming from another program.

Every company should have a web scraping tool because using the internet today is inevitable. Use of the internet has expanded rabidly in the past 13 years. In 2000, there were less than half of a million internet users in the world, which is less people than use Facebook today. Today, the number of internet users in the United States is two thirds the size of that.

But businesses have the option of anonymous browsing. This is required by the Federal Trade Commission which called for a Do Not Track mechanism. This required that internet users be able to browse the web without being tracked. Having an effective web scraping tool that can prevent competitors from tracking a companys internet activity is recommended. A web scraping tool can also be helpful for private users. Almost 90 precent of people who use antitracking software use it to prevent advertisers from scanning the sort of websites they are visiting and targeting them with spam or advertising campaigns. This will protect a companys reputation, when it is both online and off.
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