5 Things a Pay Per Click Analyst Will Do For You

How to make adwords work for you

Pay per click marketing is an excellent way to quickly reach your target customer at very low cost. Because you only pay for the ads that actually result in leads, it both gives you a huge return on investment, and complete control over how much your pay per click campaign costs. Pay per click marketing is something that every business, whether large or small, should include in their online marketing strategy.

However, unless you are a pay per click analyst yourself, you could find your pay per click costs result in few sales. Pay per click traffic can be useless, costing you money for no conversions. For this reason, many small businesses find it advantageous to hire a professional pay per click analyst to run their campaign, so that every dollar spent gets the most mileage.

Of course, every small business is highly concerned with keeping costs low to keep profit margins high. Hiring a pay per click analyst sounds like an additional expense in a media budget. If you need help convincing the decision-maker of your company (even if that person is yourself) that hiring a pay per click analyst is worth the money, we’ve created a convenient list of talking points for you:

  1. Getting your campaign off the ground is hard.
    The first time you execute a pay per click campaign, you have a huge number of decisions to make that will determine the success of your campaign. There are settings to specifically target users in certain areas. There are settings that vary your ads depending on the users location. There are settings to enable partner and affiliate networks.

    There are so many decisions to make, and if you’re new to the business and don’t understand the benefits of each, you’ll yourself paying for features that you don’t need, and missing out on potential cash cows. Having an expert guide you getting your campaign off the ground could be the hinge pin that makes your campaign successful.
  2. Keyword development is a fine science.
    If you are trying to select the right keywords to trigger ads, you may find that it’s a lot harder than it seems. Testing out keywords to determine their success rate cost you money and gets you a few returns.

    Yes, there are free keyword tools on the market, but the ones that are really effective cost you money. The difference between paying for a keyword tool and a pay per click specialist is that the specialist is able to combine data points and use their experience in the industry to create the best keywords for your marketing campaign. On the other hand, paying a computer to figure out the best keywords will only go far as the algorithm is capable of.

  3. Executing the wrong campaigns is wasted money.
    When you’re creating the wrong ads, you garner clicks that never lead to conversions. This is money that you’re basically flushing down the toilet. On the other hand, a pay per click specialist will help you form ads based on what they know will work. This means the dollars that you spend on pay per click advertisement is turbocharged to give you the greatest impact.

  4. Campaign tracking is not for the birds
    The cornerstone of every successful campaign is being able to track the data, analyzing where your traffic is coming from, and what most effectively leads to sales. A good pay per click analyst can install a tracking code in the underlying structure of the campaign, to give you great reporting knowledge data that will really help you fine tune your strategy along the way.
  5. Creating ads that attract your target audience is only the first step in a good pay per click campaign.
    Just because you can get someone to click your ad does not mean that you’ve won them over. An effective pay per click campaign utilizes target keywords, but also is savvy at delivering the consumer to a place of conversion. Your analyst will help determine the best landing page so that the customers experience is seamless all the way from click to conversion.

Have you ever used a pay per click analyst? We want to hear about your experience below!

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