3 Things You Need to Remember About Modern Commercial Printing

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Are you curious about commercial printing? Here?s what you need to know. Commercial printing is still an essential part of operating a business today. Though at times you may feel like it is ?outdated,? in actuality it is more popular than ever. Whether it?s for business cards or banner printing, there are numerous notable uses for commercial printing. Here?s what you need to know.

1. Direct Marketing Still Going Strong

Did you know that companies still spend about $45 billion on direct mail marketing? This is because — long story short — it works. Although digital marketing is, of course, important, it?s easy for a message to get lost in the sea of information that accompanies the internet. A mailed advertisement still has a chance to stand out, especially if it?s made to be eye catching and offers the consumer an incentive to check it out further (whether that?s a discount or a special feature being advertised). About 73% of American consumers agreed in one study that they preferred direct mail for advertisements since it allowed them to peruse the information at their leisure, rather than on a set schedule.

2. Car Wraps Can be a Great Way to Advertise

You can use a car wrap to advertise your business — why? As it turns out, because this is an extremely successful way to advertise. You may not think so, but consider this; 48% of people agree that vehicle wraps are one of the most unique ways to advertise. It?s certainly eye catching. In a sea of normal, unadorned cars, car wraps have a real way of standing out among the crowd. They can be especially useful for influencing snap decisions, such as when people are trying to choose a restaurant to visit or something similar.

3. Business Cards

Did you know that there are over 27 million business cards printed every day? This is because they work as an effective way to create and maintain contacts. There is still no digital equivalent of a business card, even though LinkedIn attempts to fill the gap. Without a doubt, business cards help professionals navigate the business world successfully. It’s important to invest in high quality cards — no one will be very impressed by a business card that has blurry text or which is printed on cheap paper.

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